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The Course is Ready and Other Miscellaneous Items

The course is all marked and ready to go! We had to delay marking it due to all the ice and rain that have hit us in the past week and a half, but the sun has been out and the trail is dried out. Yay! According to Gary, it looks good, is a bit tacky, and is in the best shape that he has seen it in a while.

Remember, no reservations are necessary for camping. Just talk to the people at the gate and they’ll get you taken care of. Camping is $20 per site for one night or $30 for two nights. All other land use fees are taken care of in your race registration price. There are no hookups for campsites, but showers are available in the registration building.

Dogs are welcome at Bent Wheel Bash. The police academy (our venue) just requests that you keep them on a leash at all times. They also ask that you not have alcohol on police academy property. It’s an issue for them with the training facilities and insurance.

The Specialized Demo Van will be set up on Saturday from noon until 5. Make sure and stop by and test out their bikes!

The physical address for the academy is Warren Dodson Training Facility, 4557 East Lake Road, Abilene, TX 79601. If you are headed north on East Lake Road (FM 2833), the blue gate at the entrance will be on your right. If you reach County Road 503 (Neas Road), you have gone a little too far north.

We look forward to seeing you at Bent Wheel Bash! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us –


Google Earth View of the Race Route

Here’s a link to a Google Earth view of the Bent Wheel Bash 2013 race route. This is what the guy who set it up has to say: “Download the attached file and double click on it.  It should try and open in Google Earth.  Double click on the one that says BWB 2013 Overview and the tour should automatically start.  I like to go into preferences on Google Earth and change the settings on the 3D tab to ‘High Resolution’ terrain and set the elevation exageration to 3.  It makes the experience a little more fun. Enjoy!”

Bent Wheel Bash 2013 Google Earth

2011 Route Map

Here is this year’s route map. Feel free to come out and ride it before the event. Contact BikeTown if you have any questions.  Enjoy!

Race Venue Information

The expo area, including the start loop, will be open Saturday morning, October 2 at 8:00 am.  Registration will be open from 1:00 pm until 5:00 pm on Saturday. The expo area and registration will be up and running at 7:00 am the next morning. You will be able to register for your race up until 30 minutes prior to the start of your race category.

The Police Academy building will be open the entire weekend which means there will be showers available. Many thanks to the Abilene Police Department for manning the building so that we can have use of the showers. Throughout the day on Saturday and Sunday, the Abilene Fire Department will have a concession area open. All proceeds from food sales will benefit the AFD.

Race Course Map

Here are the maps of the race course. Just click on them to see them larger. If you have looked at our regular Buck Creek Trails map, you’ll notice that the race course map does not include all of the trail. Look at the race map for which trail to follow, and when you’re out on the course, follow the yellow signs. There are spots on the trail that will be blocked off during the race. However, they will remain open until race weekend, so make sure and follow the yellow signs if you’re out riding it earlier. The start loop will not be available for pre-riding until the weekend of the event. Basically, the start loop is a 1.25 mile jeep road with a slight incline. You’ll get to ride through the police sniper training range. If you hear a loud noise – stop, drop, and roll. Just kidding. The snipers won’t be out race weekend…we think.

Race Routes Are Marked!

Yes…the race routes are marked, y’all! Other than the start and finish area, which won’t be accessible until the weekend of the race, you can head out to Buck Creek Trails and give the course a try. Just follow the yellow signs. When you get on the trail from the normal parking area (not what we’ll be using for race day parking), you’ll be about in the middle of the race course. There will be a few spots on the trail that will be blocked off for the race, but will be left open until that weekend.

As most have heard, the Palo Duro race has been canceled due to heavy rain and flooding in the canyon. If you’re looking for a place to ride this weekend, come preride for Bent Wheel Bash! The trail is locked and for Abilene Bicycling Club members only due to an agreement with the city. However, if you are there to preride, just give us a call at BikeTown and we’ll be able to let you in.

Happy trails!

Buck Creek Trails Map

Here’s the map of Buck Creek Trails. Just click on the map to enlarge it.

Buck Creek Trails

Buck Creek Trails is a trail system in the northeast corner of Abilene, TX.  It is located on East Lake Road a mile and a half north of the intersection of FM 351 and East Lake Road. The city of Abilene has an agreement with the Abilene Bicycling Club which allows the club to develop and maintain trails on the city land. Many, many hours have been put into this trail system to make it a fun, exciting place to ride with a little something for everyone. There are trails for experts and beginners, as well as a pump track by the parking area.

For some reviews of Buck Creek Trails, check out these links: (scroll down to the 8/14/10 entry)