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Bent Wheel Bash 2010 is in the record books. Thanks to everyone who came out and raced. We had a blast, and we hope everyone else did, too!

Here is a link to the results:

Hope to see everyone back next year!


Abilene Guns N’ Hoses

Looking for some extra entertainment at Bent Wheel Bash? Well…here it is. Plan on arriving in time to see the 3rd annual Abilene Guns N’ Hoses, a friendly competition between the local police and fire departments. It will take place on Saturday, October 2 at 1:00 pm. This is a friendly competition between the departments showcasing the skills of both. It will involve a dummy drag, hose pull, and pistol shooting among other things. This event is fun to watch, and rumor has it that after the official competition is over, there will be a chance for civilians to give it a try for $5 per person. Of course, the real guns will be replaced with paint guns or something along those lines for the civilian competition for liability reasons. Come on out and give it a try!